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Email from Tom Fitzpatrick K4IE
From: "Tom Fitzpatrick"
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2002 11:53:13 -0500
Subject: The 80-meter antenna WORKS !!!

Hi Lou,Tried your 1/4 vertical for 80mtrs. I was using a sloper before.
It was long enough, I used it for the horizontal leg. My tower is about 54' tall.
Mounted the crossarm just below the rotator so the vertical element makes one trip down and one up.
I wasn't sure how well it was working, a bit hard to find much DX during the week.
This past weekend I did an 80mtr only entry in ARRLCW DX contest.
Only operated a few hours. Made 101 QSOs in 48 countries, so I guess it works well.
Can't wait to try it in SS because all stateside stations really pound in with it.
One question: I made my 1::1 Balun from RG-58U as per the Handbook. However, the Handbook had no specs for a 160mtr balun.
I'm planning on making a 160mtr version. What are the specs for a balun for this band?
Thanks, 73, Tom, K4IE

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