Specifications for antenna at bottom of diagram Specifications
This is a vertically polarized Phased array. The left Vertical wire is 180 degrees out of phase with the middle and right Vertical wire. At 1/10 wavelength spacing from the right Vertical wire to the left Vertical wire it is producing a End-Fire Bidirectional Pattern,that developes a Gain of 5.9-DBi. In addition, Enhancing this Phased array is the 1/4 wavelength horzontally polarized radiator (counterpoise) Located at the feed-point an note it is at the top of the array giving you a almost Totally Omnidirectional pattern of high wave angle horzontally polarized Radiation.
All of this and it is working at 95% efficiency.
And a 300khz bandwidth under 2 two 1 SWR.

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