A 60m full-size elevated ground radial vertical would be 52 feet high with the ground radials at 8ft. above ground. It would require a square piece of land 104 feet by 104 feet on the ground. It also would have a limited range of take off angles. This greatly reduces its performance under 1000 miles.

Here is a radical new design for a wire vertical antenna it is a true self-contained vertical that is reduced size but still has high performance. At a top height of 29ft. 2"3/4 . A horizontal space at the top of 24ft. 9"1/2 and 20ft 2"1/2 by 26ft 2"1/2 at the bottom. My RSBEV's (Reduced Size Broad Elevation Verticals) have an unusually broad elevation pattern this improves short range communication quite dramatically. The elevation pattern covers from 9.8 degrees to 69.6 degrees minus 3 dB that is a total range of 59.8 degrees.

Compare that to the 60m full-size elevated ground radial vertical that only covers from 8.3 degrees to 47.3 degrees for a total range of 39.0 degrees.

But what about the gain difference well the elevated ground radial vertical over average ground has 0.19 DBi at 25 degrees at 10 degrees it is -1.63 DBi. The RSBEV has -0.75 DBi at 30 degrees that is only 0.94 DB less than the elevated ground radial vertical. At 10 degrees it is -3.75 DBi just 2.12 DBi less.

Now for the icing on the cake the RSBEV is a direct 50 ohm coax fed antenna, with a usable band width of more than 200khz.

There is always room for improvement wire verticals have been around for decades but I believe my new design is a improvement over traditional monopole verticals.

29ft. 2"3/4 High at top
Wire 1 This Wire go's from 29ft.2"3/4 down to 5ft.1" above ground
Wire 2=20ft 2"1/2 This Wire go's from 5ft.1" down to 3ft. above ground
Wire 3&5=26ft 2"1/2 Stays at 3ft. above ground
Wire 4=24ft. 9"1/2

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