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Photo by Scott W. Lowe
Email from Scott W. Lowe WA0TPN
From: "Scott W. Lowe"
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2001 23:19:34 -0500
Subject: The 160-meter antenna WORKS !!!
Message-ID: <000a01c0b1be$23406820$1b4cded8@hppav>

Hi Lou, I finished installing your Top Fed 1/4 wave length Linear Loaded
Vertical today and just made my first 4 contacts on 160-meters.

It works Great !!

I had the welding shop fabricate two 5 foot metal angles with sockets
on each end to hold a 1" PVC conduit bend into an arch. I bolted
the top bracket at the 38 feet level on my 40 tower, and the lower
bracket 33 feet below. Then, I attached the wires vertically.
The 132 foot horizontal element was installed per your drawing 38'
feet above the ground. The vertical driven element was trimmed to
142' - 9 1/2", for a 1.4 to 1 SWR at 1.892 mhz.

The SWR is as follows:
1.837 mhz 3 to 1
1.863 mhz 2 to 1
1.892 mhz 1.4 to 1
1.918 mhz 2 to 1
1.937 mhz 3 to 1

I received four reports from Indiana that all reported my signal to
be 10 to 20 over S9. I was receiving each of them at about
my antenna was working at least as well as theirs.
Also, they wanted to know your callsign so they could find your
website. Several were interested in your design.
Thank you Lou for your design, and advice. I am looking forward to
working 160-meters for the first time in 30 years. It will be
interesting to see if I can work some DX.
This project has been great fun. I will E-mail digital photos to
you when the sun comes out.
73, Scott WA0TPN

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