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Lou's Frequently Asked Questions

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Here is my Rig Kenwood TS-130-S

                          This is my 20m Quad                       This is my 17m Loop            This is my 40m Dipole at 65ft.

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International Beacon Network

Here are some of the Antennas I have Designed

Dual Polarity antenna for 80 or 160 meters

Email from Stations on the air with my Dual Polarity antenna design
Scott W. Lowe WA0TPN
Tom Fitzpatrick K4IE

Top Fed Linear Loaded 3/4 wave length Vertical for 80 meters

Biquad for two meters and 440-MHZ

10m Bent attic Yagi

Four element collinear Broadside Array

Balanced Self Matching Feed Line System

One wavelength Loop with Balanced Self Matching Feed Line System

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