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Born September 21, 1956 in Melbourne, Florida, Ludvick Wehl Rummel, (better known by his friends as Lou) was the youngest of three children born to Lynn and Patricia Rummel. Lou was fortunate to be exposed to the sounds of beautiful music early in his life. His mother, Patricia sang in the church choir and her beautiful voice could always be heard singing around the house with Lou and his two sisters, Gretchen and Candice. You might say music was in there genes. Lou's maternal grandparents, Troy and Lucy Lovelace were always playing music as well. Troy played good old mountain music on the violin/fiddle and Lucy played the piano and sang.

Lou loving recalls spending many hours practicing with his Grandpa and how this instilled the importance of practice, dedication and pride of playing any musical instrument. At first, Grandpa attempted to teach Lou how to play the violin on his family heirloom Stravaris. Of course Lou had a bigger dream. He wanted to play the guitar,just like the BEATLES. Not wanting to discourage his enthusiaism, Lou's mom went and purchased him a Yukalee. The practice sessions with Grandpa began again. Lou was so excited and such a good student that his grandpa decided to teach him his first song.

Lou, anxious to begin his musical career, made his Solo debut at Bell Sholes Baptist Church in Brandon, Florida at the age of 6. He surprised and delighted the entire congregation by playing JESUS LOVES ME in it's entirity on his 49 cent cardboard yukalee purchased at the Brandon Five and Dime by his mom. Seeing that their son was serious about playing the guitar, Lou's parents not having much money went to a pawn shop and purchased him a used cheap acoustic guitar. Now with a real guitar, Lou headed back to Grandpa's for more lessons and practice. To Lou, practice was never a chore. He loved playing so much his family recalls having to force him to stop playing just so they could sleep at night.

For the next six months Lou spent his days happlily playing his guitar. Until vacation time came around and his family went on a camping vacation to Clingmans Dome, TN. Naturally Lou took along his guitar to entertain everyone. There he met another boy who owned a Gibson Acoustic guitar. While playing together Lou managed to get an oppurtunity to try out the other boys guitar. Lou describes this as his first taste of heaven! And Hell! Now he had to go back and play his cheap guitar with strings that stood as high as skyscrapers above the frets on the neck.

Upon returning to his campsite, Lou was sure he knew the answer to getting his very own Gibson. After a breif argument with his father about how Lou thought he would never learn to play anything on his cheap guitar and how much he needed a new one. He quietly took his cheap guitar and preceeded to the nearest BIG ROCK where he smashed it and the neck snapped into. Well now this was perfect. Mom and Dad would have to buy him a new Gibson for sure! To Lou's dismay, this was not the case.

And after hearing he was not getting a new guitar he had to face the fact he had no guitar. When arriving back home in Florida, Lou's father promptly took the guitar and drilled a whole through the body and neck and inserted a three foot long threaded rod and bolted in back together. Then he turned to Lou, who was now terribly disappointed and said "Now if you really want to play guitar here it is. And if you learn to play the song How Great Thou Art I'll buy you a good guitar and if you learn how to play it really good I'll buy you a "Gibson." Well, within the next week Lou was playing How Great Thou Art, and within a month he was playing it really good. Soon there after Lou's dad took him to Arthur Smith Music in downtown Tampa to buy his first inexpensive used Gibson Electric.

Now he was going to be just like the Beatles. In just a few months Lynn and Pat were seeing the true talent their son had. Soon they discovered that Lou had his eye on the love of his life, a Gibson ES 175D. Yes, broke as they were they somehow managed to buy it for him along with Fenders top of the line 200 watt amplifier with 4 ten inch speakers and viabrado. What a noise he could make now.