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Born September 21, 1956 in Melbourne, Florida, Ludvick Wehl Rummel, (better known by his friends as Lou) was the youngest of three children born to Lynn and Patricia Rummel. Lou was fortunate to be exposed to the sounds of beautiful music early in his life. His mother, Patricia sang in the church choir and always sang around the house with Lou and his two sister, Gretchen and Candice. You might say music was in thier genes. Lou's maternal grandparents, Troy and Lucy Lovelace were always playing music as well. Troy played the violin/fiddle and Lucy played the piano and sang. Lou loving recalls spending many hours practicing on the guitar with his Grandpa and how this instilled the importance of practice, dedication and pride of playing any musical instrument. Lou, anxious to begin his musical career, made his debut at First Baptist Church of Brandon at the age of 5. He impressed the entire congregation by playing JESUS LOVES ME in it's entirity on his 49 cent cardboard yukalee.